DoH Tutorial Walk Through

Part 1: Architecture, Dnscrypt-Proxy, Configuration

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Introduction / Overview

Every since I have heard about the DoH (DNS over HTTPS) server on Linux Action News, I’ve wanted to set one up myself and also work on some other monitoring tools to as well. I like to document running through these tutorials and drill down into the hick-ups along the way because there are always hick-ups. I find that the best learning happens when things don’t work as planned. In the process of finding out why something is not working you also learn so many other things along the way.


The simple installation of dnscrypt works just fine. As soon as I get to the configuration I run into issues. The command sudo add-apt-repository shows as not found (this is to use PPA to install programs). So I investigated why that is so. It turns out that the package add-apt-repository is not automatically installed on Debian or Ubuntu and in order to use this method of installation you must first install that package. A simple Google search reveals the command needed to install the package. And it is NOT sudo apt install add-apt-repository. The actual command to install the package is sudo apt-get install software-properties-common. You can find an explanation of why that is here.


After installation I was unable able to locate the .toml file mentioned in the tutorial. As a result I went back to review the installation using PPA and noticed the following output:


If you are using this tutorial and using Debian or Ubuntu, I would add the following commands before beginning your installation:

  • sudo apt-get install dirmngr --install-recommends

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