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The exciting thing about DevOps is that you have opportunities, under controlled conditions, to push your machines to their limits. Doing so provides a number of benefits. One benefit is that your customer experiences less issues with the service you are providing because you planned ahead. The second benefit is that you can automate your response to incidents if you know how your systems work. This would mean that you and your colleagues will not get 3am calls, or at least get less of them. Load testing is foundational to planning and fine-tuning your Devops tooling. …

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Before I made my transition to IT years ago, my understanding of “The Cloud” was mainly based on the services I interacted with. My understanding of its capabilities was limited to massive storage, because my interaction with the cloud was to download a song I had purchased, that I previously didn’t want stored on my device at the time, or I thought of file sharing with DropBox. Fast forward a few years later at my first IT job, and delving into the world of Amazon Web Services. I was completely overwhelmed with the multitude of services. Signing into the console…

Part 1: Architecture, Dnscrypt-Proxy, Configuration

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Introduction / Overview

Every since I have heard about the DoH (DNS over HTTPS) server on Linux Action News, I’ve wanted to set one up myself and also work on some other monitoring tools to as well. I like to document running through these tutorials and drill down into the hick-ups along the way because there are always hick-ups. I find that the best learning happens when things don’t work as planned. In the process of finding out why something is not working you also learn so many other things along the way.

For this tutorial I am…

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Step Away From The GUI!!!

GUIs are great. When I began to learn technology the GUI was a great place to start to learn about how a software, system, etc. works. However, as I began to become more comfortable with technology I really just wanted computers to do what I asked them to do. If I am learning a new software or service I still will start with a GUI (if available) in order to visualize and piece all of the moving parts together. Now I find that I often get distracted and sometimes jumbled up in GUIs.

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

IAM is a service that allows you…

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As I have spent time learning and implementing AWS services over the last few years, I am always pleasantly surprised at the many faces a single service has to offer. Some of the projects I have used S3 for have been converting a Virtual Box image to an AMI, translating voice to text and using S3 as backup service for on premise machines. In this write-up I would like to focus on the steps required to serve a static web site with Amazon S3. The really nice thing about this approach is the amount of money you can save by…

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